Damn I feel old

Do I look it?

The other day, I was unloading cases (heavy cases) from a dolly. A kid in his late teens walks up and very nicely offers to help. Actually, he does more than offer to help, he tells me that he will take over. When I tell him that I'm doing fine and it is not necessary for him to help, he responds with, "I'm still young, let me do it. My back is young I can abuse it a little." I just stopped dead in my tracks. Granted I am probably ten years older than this kid, but DAMN!. I just looked at him for a second. "What are you talking about?", I asked in the most calm voice I could find myself using. He replies, "Nothing, I just mean, My back....", "Are you saying I'm old?", I interrupt. He pauses for a moment, and with the same confidence that he had when making the initial offer he says, "You're getting up there". Getting up there? GETTING UP THERE!?!?! What the fuck does he know? Just cause I don't go to the sock-hops and soda fountains like his friends, doesn't mean I'm old. Kids still go to those places right?

I know he meant well, but he's not the first one to comment on my age in the recent days. While discussing the current price of school lunches, I was shocked the most buy the difference from when I went to school. The response was, "Well, you went to school long before most of us.". I really need to stop taking part in these types of conversations.

When I came across a couple people discussing funny "Family Guy" clips, I added one of my favorites where Chris gets pulled into the A-Ha "Take on Me" video. A young girl next to me asked... "Who's `A-Ha'?" I wanted to reach over and slap her. First I asked how old she was and then I explained, "Pal Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen formed A-ha in the early '80s. Morten Harket joined the duo, and they left for the now 'legendary London flat' to make it. By late 1983 they had achieved part of that goal by signing to WEA. "Take on Me" took three times to become a hit in the UK, eventually hitting #2 in November 1985. Going one better in the U.S. mainly due to the wide exposure of its stunning video on MTV, which fused animation with real-life action, their only further hit there was "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." which became a UK number one in early '86 helping take the album Hunting High and Low to the Top Ten. Also a matured effort Scoundrel Days, was released in October, 1986. More focused, it had a stronger band feel thanks to live drumming displayed to great lengths on "The Swing of Things and lead single "I've Been Losing You" -- a shock to critics at the time. Further striking imagery accompanied "Cry Wolf." After a world tour, a-ha supplied the soundtrack to the James Bond flick The Living Daylights. A remix appeared on their third album, Stay on These Roads, in 1988. In 1990, a-ha were commended by the Everly Brothers for their rendition of "Crying in the Rain" from their fourth album, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which was largely ignored in the U.K. due to a shift in interests towards dance and Manchester scene. 1993 heralded some much needed new blood in the U2 terrain of "Dark Is the Night" from the Memorial Beach album. Following the unfortunate lack of success following Memorial Beach, Furuholmen retreated into the art world while Waaktaar released the album Mary Is Coming with his new band Savoy. Seven years after the release of Memorial Beach, a-ha issued Minor Earth Major Sky in summer 2000."

Damn I'm old.


Miss Maggotus 10:22 PM  

You're not old. Maybe you've gotten more filthier as time goes on, but you're not old.

FYI- I still enjoy a good sock-hop in my spare time. Grab a nice pair of bobby-socks and a good poodle skirt, and I'm ready to go!

swirlogirl 10:57 PM  

is this behindthenusic.blogspot.com?

Brian 1:50 AM  

My brother called a couple of weeks ago and I was asleep when he called. He called at 9pm. Mel tried to wake me but I was out cold.

steph 10:33 AM  

i can top that, josh and i were having a discussion the other day about how kids these days have no respect for adults.

Brian 9:05 PM  

To quote Bender trying to scare Dr. Farnsworth on Futurama....

"Your social security check is late!.... Thing cost more than they used to!.... Children use curse words!!!"

steph 10:27 AM  

p.s. someone does have behindthemusic.blogspot.com

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