As most of you know, I am posting recaps of the NBC "Tommy Lee Goes to College" for . Thanks to all of you for your support. I went in pretty tame. I didn't want to over do it right out of the gate, but it looks like someone may have gotten offended already.

In my recap, I commented on the cheezy voice over work for the show. As a matter of fact, I described it as "A cheap voiceover with a fake british accent" and "a poor man's Paul the butler". As well as saying, "Our lame narrator came back in all his 'corny' crapulence to say, 'Cornhuskers shuck their way to class'".

I called it like I saw it.

This morning, I get an email from Ian Kerr, the cat who is doing the voice over. It read:

"You may not enjoy my narration on this show, but get your facts right: I am British, born and bred.
And remember, "Tommy Lee" is not "King Lear".

Maybe you should go to journalism college, and learn something about checking facts. "

Holy crap! This calls for a reply!


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day. I am sure that your days are just jam packed with interview requests and what not. I do apologize if I offended you. I did attempt to get information about you but was unable to find anything. Pity. I have never claimed to be a journalist, I am just an average joe who enjoys commenting on society and pop culture. With all due respect, you have to admit, the lines and the over-the-top voice overs do little to add credibility to this freak show. I will put a retraction on next weeks recap to give you the credit you deserve.

Respectfully yours,

-Brian E. Sikorski

Okay, I don't even know if this is real, but I am sure of one thing... It's too damn funny!


steph 1:18 PM  

hey! why can't i see your article! all i get when i go to that page is "this is what nbc says", and then a blurb about you. but i don't see the article! i'm possibly just retarded. please advise.

Mel 2:27 PM  

Look right under the photo of Tommy, there is a weird button-type thing with text that has overrun the button. Just click on that and you are set to go.

Bad design, I guess.

swirlogirl 6:03 PM  

man that RULES. everyone i know is getting famous now

Brian 1:03 AM  

Ian replied to my e-mail:

"You're very kind.

I was only doing what I was directed to do with a script for which I bear NO
responsibility... Your comments are quite valid.

I was also very poor when I was asked to do this!!!

I still am!! So here I sit, impoverished and professionally ruined."

That sucks for him - but it was as I figured. I just think its funny that he's commenting on my recap.

Brian 1:04 AM  

By the way, I was told that I should be "more sarcastic". I didn't take the recap as far as I though I should in fear that it wouldn't mesh well with the style of the page. I'm told to make it more sarcastic...BOMBS AWAY!

swirlogirl 9:07 AM  

I CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!! I enjoyed it by the way, B. It was very thorough and i felt like I was watching it. it made me laugh. It makes me want to watch this crap. why?! I'm also surprised the guy came across your recap haha.. someon must have pointed him to it.

Brian 12:47 PM  

I figured that he wanted to know what was being said so he looked and found me. I mean, I am not the only person bashing the narration, but I was probably an easier target than say The Orlando Sentinal or TV guide.

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