Vacation (part une)

LAST MINUTE ADD-ON: This video friggin' rocks!!!- Travis may remember this song from a few years back since it sampled a section for Polyester.

So! It's Sunday! Florida has dodged the path of a hurricane. Wind and rain is being thrown on the state of Florida, it could only mean one thing.

Brian is on vacation

Oh yes! It's vacation time! i started vacation on Wednesday and do not report back until Friday night. That is nine and a half days off. I don't know if I can find enough things to do with myself in that time. To start off, this past Wednesday, Mel and I had a picnic in the park near our house and came home later to play with some sparklers. Thursday was the big anniversary. And since the five year anniversary is "wood", we went to see "The Senator", the oldest and tallest tree in Florida. Went out for dinner and drinks at the Westin Grand Bohemian downtown and had a lovely time. Friday was the ESPN Great Outdoor Games at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Anyone who knows me would know that visiting any sporting event is usually not on my list. But who would pass up a chance to see Lumberjacks flinging axes close to their toes, dogs leaping into the air and jet engine powered chainsaws for five bucks a head? No us! We went, sweated, and watched. It was for ESPN, so there were cameras everywhere. They are airing the games starting on 7/13 through 7/17. Mel and I were in the crowd making faces every time the crane came came swooping by. For Travis, I was punching my fists in the air. So check it out! For those interested, here is the programming schedule so you can see yours truly .

Want a little more than this post is offering (you greedy bitch), well you're in luck! Check out some photos from the first part of our vacation!


Trav 11:12 AM  

Love the pics, yo!
The comments were heelarious....
Glad you both had a good 5th anniversary and didn't get attacked by the snapping turtle.
Oh. He was following you....I believe it.
Did you see the glint in his eyes?
Pure. Murderous. Rage.

Trav 5:10 PM  

Oh yeah!
I remember that song. You played it for me in your car!
That beginning is sooo cool!

swirlogirl 7:07 PM  

i agree. that turtle has it in for you!!!!!

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