Before I get to far into today's post. Check this clip out. I know I've posted a lot of Family Guy Clips, but I can't help it if they are good. In this clip, Chris goes to get some milk and finds himself in an A-Ha video. (via. Milk and Cookies)

Today, I got news that my grandfather and his love slave Francis. They believe a house in their neighborhood is haunted. They say that they heard that the house that a relative of Francis' used to live there and died. Now the family that bought the place after his death will not go back to the house. They left and never came back. They say that they heard a noise coming from the baby's room and when they went in to check, they saw the baby's toys flying around the room. Now that the house abandoned, they hear strange music* coming from the house. Francis says she is going to get some holy water and bless the house. I for one, want to know when she will be doing this so I can drive down there to watch. This will be great. I could dress the two of them up as Ghostbusters. It would be sweet.

*Note: This may not be the actual music that they hear, but I would like to think it was.


swirlogirl 8:15 PM  

HAHAHAHAH you grandpa is hilarious!

Anonymous 9:17 PM  

If your grandpa & Francis use holy water on the outside of the haunted house, this will lock the ghost inside forever.Bad luck for the next owners. If you need an exorcism give me a call.

Brian 10:39 PM  

Who is anonymous? How can they call if we don't know who you are?

Fr. Frank N. Stien 9:26 PM  

My name is Fr. Frank N. Stien

Use a strong beam of light with the sign of the cross as a symbol and our heavenly father will send angels to direct me to you.

Brian 10:43 AM  


Trav 7:30 PM  

Who the hell's that Frank guy that posted?
I just wanted to say that I LOVED that Family Guy clip.
Not being a big fan of that show and all, I have to say that was cool-i-o.

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