Shuttle goes up!

The shuttle went off today. Did ya' catch it? Living here in Orlando, we got a nice view from outside the apartment (pic above)

But the real money shot was the camera strapped to the DISPOSABLE External Tank. This is the second time that they used this $300,000 camera. Last time it didn't work all too well, this time, it got some really bitchin' shots all the way to orbit utill it said "adios" as seen in the cap to the left. The camera then burned up with the tank as it returned to the atmosphere in a big-ass ball o' fire. At least it was cool while it lasted.

In other news, while I was checking out the pictures to post here, CNN, in all its glory shows THIS on there front page. (7th item down about Boy Scouts) Who's the sicko that's excited about watching that?

Gotta go. Jackass is on.

By the way, I got tired of hearing Dr. Zoidburg everytime I loaded the page (as most of you were too I'm sure, so long live Pee Wee! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, CLICK HERE.)


Trav 4:09 PM  

I love it!
Just like the ringtone I have for you on my cel!

swirlogirl 9:05 PM  

nasa better be careful, if it got anymore exciting down there the old folks would perish!

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