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While at the movies the other day, starting to play catch up with all the movies I had not seen (I was seeing Star Wars). There was a child in front of me looking at all the posters. They pointed out the posters of movies they wanted to see and pointed out movies they had not interest in seeing. The children were no older than 9 or 10, but they were having this conversation like they were professionals.

As Ebert and Roper went through the films, they young boy said. "Fantastic Four! I wanna see that." His younger sister turned to him and said, "I heard it was crap."

I chuckled and thought to myself about which movies I would like to see, which ones I'd see in the dollar theater, ones I would rent, or ones I would watch on t.v. if nothing else was on.

One poster that caught my eye was...

Steve Correll made me laugh on the Daily Show, I haven't seen Anchorman, but I hear he was funny in it. If you haven't seen the trailer, check it out here. It's worth a look.

The poster makes me laugh just looking at it. It's like a demented galmour shot.

By the way, Star Wars was pretty good.


Trav 10:27 PM  

I do have to say I love that poster.
Really cool.
So Star Wars was pretty good?
Dollar theater, baby!!!

Brian 11:39 PM  

I hear ya' dollar theater. I was pretty good though.

steph 12:20 PM  

man i still haven't gotten around to seeing episode 2, and i don't wanna see 3 until i've seen 2 even though every single person i've talked to says i should skip it... i like crappy crap so maybe episode 2 will become my favoritest movie ever?

yeah, i don't think so either.

swirlogirl 2:12 PM  

i love this poster! i find it to be along the lines of that strangers with candy style that i find so endearing. steve carrell looks darling.

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