An evening with Hoeboy

Yesterday, Mel and I took Stacy (Birfdaygirl) Goldman out to the Leu Gardens for a stroll and a picnic lunch. We had a great time as we celebrated the fourth anniversary of her 25th birthday.

Last night, Mel and I invited my grandfather Henry (AKA Hoeboy) and his main squeeze Francis, over to our house for dinner. Since we live a little over thirty minutes away, I decided to go pick them up. Just the thought of him driving down 1-4 is the work of nightmares. He's 88, so a lot of the conversation is repeated over and over and things have to be explained over and over.

On the way to our place, we got stopped in some major traffic and the normal drive took an exhausting hour and fifteen minutes in traffic and rain. Once we got to our place, we showed them around and grandpa got comfortable very quickly.

Over dinner, the two of them argued over how many rooms her daughters house has. Grandpa says two, she says three. She claims he's always watching wrestling when he's over there, so how would he know? I told them that I wanted to know who was right and I expected an answer later.

During dinner, Grandpa was ratted out about his love of "samples" in the grocery store. How he claims to be getting one for Francis, but proceeds to each both of the samples. He also told us of an episode "conversing in chinese" with the peddler of eggroll samples. Classic Henry.

We made Chicken Parmigana and told him we were trying to emulate his classic "Chicken Cutlet" recipe. He said Mel's dinner was "Good, but not his cutlets...and then went over the recipe again so we can get it right next time. He also told us about his Flounder was better than Red Lobster and to Mel and I, the recipe was the same as the chicken recipe except letting the flounder sit in lemon juice for an hour to get rid of the fish taste. He also informed us of his out of the world - super tender drumsticks. He says he's a better chef then Emril and that he will open a restaurant soon, "`Grandpa's Cutlets', that's what I'll call it!", he said.

For dessert, we had some fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream. When Mel dished them out, she put a bowl in front of Francis who said she was allergic to berries (oops). Before the sentence could be uttered by Francis, Grandpa blurted in, "...but I'm not!", and grabbed the bowl from her.

After dinner, I told him about his world-wide fame. I walked him through the history of Rakeman and Hoeboy and showed him the pictures. "Oh, okay. How did it get my picture on here?". After I showed him he seemed concerned that the internet was steeling his identity.

We had a great time. Vacation is over today. I've got to go back to work tomorrow night. Oh well. Party's over!!!


swirlogirl 7:01 PM  

hahahah hanging out with hoeboy sounds like a blast. seems like your vacation just started yesterday. oh how time flies!

Brian 7:29 PM  

No shit. It was fun while it lasted!

Grandpa's Cutlets Inc. 7:51 PM  

That HOEBOY better watch his cutlets. If he steals our company name we'll cut out his giblet.

swirlogirl 1:49 PM  

you don't know the history of cutlets... I DO!

electrotom 6:02 PM  

please cease and desist from using any form of the "you don't know the history of psychiatry" speech, or i shall be forced to electrocute you, and then sue the bejesus outta ya. it's okay, i'm a scientologist.

Brian 5:25 PM  

I feel so blessed that Elctrotom has visited us. For those of you who are not feeling blessed. That's rude. You are incredibly rude. Your an idiot.

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