cellphone post

mel moved the computer away from the internet to get some work done. doing this from my phone. will post on tue. steph, i cant wait to see your pics! c-ya later!


steph 10:54 AM  

which pics?!!? oh wait, those pics... man that was one crazy night! don't tell josh.

swirlogirl 11:45 AM  

leak it to the internet!

swirlogirl 12:07 PM  

last night i was watching good eats with john's mom and she brought up the smoker episode and i said OHHHH SHIT lemme tell you about my friend Brain's adventures in smoking!

swirlogirl 12:07 PM  

err brian teehee

steph 12:19 PM  

let me just say this in response to the smoker.


swirlogirl 6:15 PM  

i just got my picture cd. im so excited!

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