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So last night was the big Fourth! After getting off of work, Mel and I took off for Sanford to see their 23 minute fireworks display. Can't beat that! We park at the mall since they are running a shuttle to the river where the show is (and since they've closed all the roads). The line is ginormous (see link below). It takes about 30 minutes, but we get on a bus.

Once "down by the river", we find a spot and chill. Mel breaks out the blanket and we wait (and wait). We are amusing ourselves with the view. There's the young chick who had to shave ever ounce of her body to look good in the lowest cut white jeans I've ever seen. I now know where baby's come from. The kid who every time he saw firework that someone in the crowd shot off would exclaim, "Ooooh. Dang!"

The show was a rousing display. Big and loud. Everything that is America.

After the show, everyone ran for the busses. Once we get to the staging area (read: parking lot), people are splitting into different directions to get on one of the six busses in waiting. Myself and many others realize, "There is no way in hell all of these people are going to get on the busses." So a line forms. I quickly get in. The busses reach capacity and a hoard of people are waiting and standing around. A few get into our line and wait others just stand there. Noticing that the line has formed without them, and now reaches down the road, they decide to form their own line. As we are waiting, random people are trying to cut into our line. The ghetto family who's every other word coming out of their mouth is a curse. "You are not cutting in line.", the hispanic woman who is now mounting my shoulder to make a block to the LARGE african american woman and her kids, says. "Just who the fuck do you think you are?", the rhino says. The two "women" go at it verbally. I am staring at a female police officer wondering, what would happen if these two women over my shoulder go neck and neck. Would this petite, two-pistol wearing, female cop be able to "up hold the law"?

After a good 30-45 minutes, the busses are back. Now we should be getting on this or the next one since we were in line pretty fast. The police officer at the front has told us that we are the real line and that the other line is wrong and will not be getting on a bus. The crotchety veterans behind me are quarreling about how they would organize this. "In a military fashion." "Orderly". I like his thinking. Then he goes on a rant about "them", referring to the cutting family to my right. Then, I wasn't agreeing with his though pattern too much. After his rant he finishes off with, "...but that's just me." So I guess that makes it alright.

The busses pull around the corner to the waiting crowd.... and passes right on by and stops in front of the "wrong line". Needless to say, round two of "How things should be" begins. Many untrue believers move from our line to the other in hopes of getting home sooner. Mel and I are closer to the front now.

The police officer after fearing a riot, gets in the road and stops the bus in front of us and we move ahead. As the bus begins loading people, a family moves from the other line, back over to ours. Mr. WWII behind me wants nothing of that. "What you can't decide which one to be in?", "Are you planning on making up your mind?". One man ahead of us comes to their defense, "They were in this line pal." Oh no. The two of them start going at each other. After a moment of the two of them so close they could make-out, I interject. "Hey. It's Independence Day! That gives us the right to say whatever the hell we want." They stop, have a chuckle and get back to their places. "See that honey?", I say to Mel, "I promote peace in the world." She rolls her eyes.

The next bus shows up and passes us by again. Where is our policeman? The next one comes by and picks us up. As luck would have it. The person in front of me gets the last seat. Standing room only. Now keep in mind, these busses are not designed to be standing room. During the next 20 minutes in traffic the most uncomfortable and nauseating trip took place.

The passengers began to murmur as the bus passed the entrance to the mall and kept going. I told Melissa it was like "Nightmare on Elm Street 2", we're going into the dessert to die by Freddy.

"Where are we going?",the passengers asked.

"Let's keep this party going! Jamaica here we come!", I said.

So after 1 hour and 30 minutes, we were back in our car on our way home. It was a good show, but the jury is still out on whether it was worth the aggravation.

Here's a few choice photos I took from last nights show. Enjoy!


Trav 9:12 PM  

Sounds like one HELLUVA time.
Now I am contemplating the Orlando!

swirlogirl 10:52 PM  

sorry you are bonkers for waiting in THAT line. i would have taken one look and said ahhhh fuck this im off to the bar! WHO'S WITH ME!!

nothing like a good 1776 celebration to get people all violent!

steph 7:06 PM  

my favorite thing is the sound effect titles you gave all the pics. i was laughing my ass off more and more as i looked at em...

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