Brian bonds with Reality T.V.

Enough of that political shit. What the hell was I thinking slowing down the comedy train that is Having a Wonderful Time.

In other news, I have been asked to join the writing staff as a recap writer of Reality T.V. Calendar. It's a pretty decent site that has some entertaining recaps of some shows. I came across it with the really great material they have for Hell's Kitchen. It's a bit confusing interface at first but not to bad once you realize how much content they've got over there. My first assignment was going to be recaping "Top Chef", a new reality series on Bravo next year, but I decided to get started a bit earlier. August 16th @ 9:00pm on NBC is the one hour premier of Tommy Lee Goes To College. This one just cries out for me to recap it in my special brand of humor. So be sure to check out my recaps, I am hoping that they are funny and entertaining. Now if they would only bring back Joe Schmo.


steph 1:52 PM  

links, sir, we need links!

Brian 9:48 PM  

Mrs. I'm not posting till Tuesday, what links do you want? The Tommy Lee link will take you to the page of my recaps when they start in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted on the other recaps when they occur. If you or anyone else is interested in writing, let me know or go to the site and click on the link for recapers wanted.

swirlogirl 10:10 PM  

wow cool! i can't wait for the wonderfultime brand of humor

steph 1:57 PM  

see, i'm retarded. i didn't even click the link. gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. i hang my head in shame.

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