So I had this whole thing planned out...

Had the parents over for dinner last night. Had a nice time. Chilled outside (they brought beer, always nice.). Had the grill goin with the tiki torches keepin' away the bugs. Had some dinner. Good times. Good times. Ma' gave us a picture of my brother and I sitting on Darth Vader's lap when we were kids. It raised a lot of questions. The picture was retro-cool and I was going to post it and ask the questions that needed to be asked, but the damn scanner is not cooperation today.

So instead I present you with...

Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog, Now Playing in the NEW Wonderful Time Theater of the Obsurd! Enjoy!



steph 1:00 PM  

i wonder if there's a website out there that compiles photos that people had taken with darth vader when they were kids. and if that site isn't in existence yet it should be. i could contribute my sister and i's pics, you've got you and your brother, that's a whole site right there!

swirlogirl 4:57 PM  

hahahaha you'd get at least one hit from me

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