So I got to thinking...

After Steph found the cryptic meaning of an email I received, I noticed another one. "Kawawpamitin ", which Google says is "Goodbye". What is this all of a sudden? People using different languages to communicate in emails? Is this a new trend or something? I was happy having cryptic messages in my spelling bee's and thats it.

I got to noticing how smart Google was. I would ask simple questions and it would get it right or at least come out with answers I never knew...

"Who assassinated Kennedy?" ANSWER Really? I would never had guessed that!

""What does it sound like when doves cry?" ANSWER (Second link)

"Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? ANSWERThey are so smart!

Sometimes, even the almighty Google cannot get the ansers I need, so I turn to the new kid on the block, BrainBoost

"Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?"ANSWER

"Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?ANSWER

Simply amazing. And for the spelling bee kid... he's got some balls. Love it!

This ends Brian's corner for the day, so I leave you with this, Be true to yourself... and each other.


steph 3:52 PM  

that closing's right up there with bill and ted's "be excellent to each other"!

swirlogirl 9:38 PM  


swirlogirl 3:27 PM  

HAHAHAH dude i just now checked my voicemail and got your message brian. and yes the eiffel tower IS so beautiful this time of year.

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