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So I got to thinking about the wedding of Jaan and Ryan that Mel and I attended on Friday. Jaan was my first trainee when I was a trainer for the restaurant I work for. She was a host for the Shrimp Factory on River Skreet and had never served before. After I became the bar manager, she became my bartender. When I became the culinary manager, she became a line cook and later, my culinary assistant. She wanted to get into managment, but things happened in Savannah that forced her to go to another restaurant next door. Ryan was a server, who at first, I didn't really care for. He made mistakes and generally seemed like he didn't care. That was my reactions then (Jaan often reminds me), but now they are quite different. I believe when they first started dating, I didn't approve, but over time, I saw how he was around her, and she around him, and it was okay in my book.

The restaurant she works for told her she was moving to Orlando, which made me happy, because I have missed seeing her and Ryan. At the last minute they changed their minds and moved her to Alabama. Fortunatly for us, they had already planned on having the wedding here at the beautiful Lea Gardens.

I was rather amused at the parade of ex-employees that were in the wedding party. Max, a really great guy and server as well, was a groomsman. Bunny, who transfered out of town was a bridesmaid. And Jesse, my favorite line bitch also was a bridesmaid. I didn't recognizer at first because she was in a dress, check the shoes.

I hadn't seen them in some time, so it was nice to see them again and not at work. Throughout the reception, Bunny had to keep censoring herself, because she "still sees me as her boss." I hit the dance floor when they spun some old skool tracks that they knew would get me going, that and the three bottles of champagne that I downed.

Ryan came over and told Mel and I how much it meant to them that we came. He said it meant more than we would ever know. Later Jaan repeated the same sentiment. She said that we were like a roll model for a married couple.

Oh my God.

Please tell me you are joking!

She was serious. We took the compliment.

I keep thinking about this. Especially now, when I am sitting in front of the computer trying to program Action Sripts into Mel's new Flash portfolio. They are not working and I don't know why. Mel and I are very controlling people. We are very pig headed and we always think we know the right/best way to do things. Everytime we work on a project together, all hell breaks loose. Heads are butted, gauntlets are thrown and decree's of war are written, and everytime, I swear we can never work on the same thing again.

Im getting frustrated so I am pissed and angry. This is not how I should be spending my day off. I should be lounging in front of the TV watching last night's Hell's Kitchen or something. Mel knows this, she told me to stop working on it and do something else, but it's on my brain and I can't stop. ARRRRGH!

So we bicker.

And I think how we are "roll models" for this newly married couple.

And I apologize to Mel for snapping.


steph 10:59 AM  

that was so sweet!

i'm crying. aaaaaand now i'm pooping. in my pants. except i didn't wear any pants to work today. how embarassing.

Captain Big Wang 12:31 PM  

You are pooping too? You, and Rachel have something in common.
I just love a poopin woman.

Captain Big Wang 12:33 PM  

Lets take a poll, all those in favor of more RAKEMAN adventures please say AYE, all those opposed, go to hell.

swirlogirl 7:41 PM  

i carved "rakeman 4eva!" into my leg with a paper clip

steph 10:46 AM  

i wrote i heart rakeman on my underwear! but i screwed it up because none of my fun-crazy underwear ever works out so it actually says i hat ramen, whatever that means.

Brian 8:57 PM  

Okay, minor confession...since I post three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (for my long time readers, its a promise I've made) I usually plan out my posts at least a few days in advance. I even have "back up" posts that I keep ready to go incase I don't have something "fresh" or don't have enough time to post. I feel that by planning ahead I can aways deliver superior content to my readers. I am currently working on the further adventures of Rakeman. Rakeman will be joined by his new sidekick "Hoe Boy". It is a story arc that I have been playing with, so all you Rakeman fans, hold tight, Rakeman is coming soon. There may even be a special announcement concerning your favorite superhero in the near future as well. So keep reading you lemmings and I will try not to disapoint.

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