Pants Money.

Its a phrase that I heard somewhere at sometime. I think it is a phrase that tried to become big and poplar, but it just fizzled out to obsurity. For some reason or another... Its in my head. Pants Money. It's what I want. I need some pants money. Then I'm gonna take that pants money and waste it away on non-pant related things. Yep. That's what I'm going to do. Get some pants money and blow it away.

Has anyone else heard/used this expression before? It's not as popular as some of the new popular words that are not really words. Like Fugly, Ginornous and Woot. It's still pretty cool and hip in a funky way. Right?


swirlogirl 4:43 PM  

i prefer ass pennies

steph 9:55 AM  

i like ass corn myself.

which is a container of popcorn that you accidentally sit on, but then eat it anyway.

swirlogirl 11:22 PM  

you dirty minx

steph 12:01 PM  

no, if i was dirty i would say the corn came from betwixt my legs...

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