My biggest sweaty, stinky fear.

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I hate the DMV. I have always dreaded going to the DMV. The line, the people, Oh God the people! Since Melissa an I had moved to Florida, it was time for me to get my Florida drivers license. I went on this here interweb and found that the DMV has "appointments". I think, " What a great idea... priority at the DMV." I make an appointment for 10:10, I figured this would be enough time for my fat ass to wake up, go get my vehicle registration switched over and a quick hairs cut.

I get to the DMV in Winter Springs and there is a line of people outside. It looked like migrant workers waiting for work on the side of the road. I have to admit, even with my appointment, I got a little scared. I entered and the room was filled with people. I am hearing people talking about being there since they opened.

So I go to the "info desk", an I mention that I have an appointment. Like a bouncer at a trendy club, he checks the list. I am nervous. It's got to be on there. It is right? After searching for what seemed like an eternity, he finds my name and highlights it. He asks the eternal question that I am asked and I am sure everyone else in my family is asked at least three or four times a week. "Any relation to Igor?", or "Like the helicopter?" I give him the obligatory chuckle and say my scripted response. "No. Mine is with an "I", his is a "Y". If I was, I would probably not be here right now." If you do not know what I am talking about... lclick here and insert some knowledge in your head.

"Stand in line for the courtesy desk. Behind the woman in purple.", he directs.

As I am standing in line, I notice there are only two people in front of me in line and dozens in the lines to the left and the right. I get to my turn very quickly. I make some silly banter that I don't get a reaction from. You know, always working my audience. I then realize the big honkin' sign on the wall "CASH OR CHECK ONLY" W.T.F.? So I tell the stiff behind the counter that I don't carry cash and he tells me I can go get some and comeback when he's done processing me. "Do I have to stand in line again?" He tells me "no, just come up here and I'll give you your license." Cool. So I run to a bank, get some money and I'm back. Like a celebrity, I jump ahead of everyone else and place my money on the counter. I get my license. As I am leaving, a girl who had gotten called to the non-reservation desk, was starting to be served. It felt good. I was in and out and back in and out in 18 minutes.
So the big lesson from this is...check to see if your DMV has appointments and make one.

And for all of you fans of the show Alias, you may find this Miller Lite ad amusing.


swirlogirl 4:44 PM  

wow brian the heir to a helicopter legacy!!!!!! by the way what IS the origin of your name? i've never thought about it til now.

steph 6:05 PM  

i believe sikorski hearkens back to the days of yore, when people quite often caught the black plague. this particular name is of swiss origin. his great great great great great great great great really great grandfather WAS named smith. he was a famous skiier in the alps, known throughout the land as the best.

he was very fond of finding new friends to ski with him, and he would issue forth to strangers this greeting to find out if they'd been stricken with the plauge, or if they'd like to get out of the house for some exercise:

"hello fair maiden, sick or ski?"

his greeting became so popular they decided it should be his last name or something like that.

swirlogirl 7:02 PM  

hhahaha you are such an ass! i love it!

Brian 11:09 AM  

Steph... I am pretty sure that's what happened. I'm pretty sure.

Captain Big Wang 7:27 PM  

Sikorski is Jewish for RAKEMAN... I think.

Captain Big Wang 7:27 PM  

Hoeboy, will you sign my titty.

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