Late Sunday night post

So, its 11:10 and I am finally getting to the computer to make a post. So, here goes...

Hell's Kitchen. Great Show. Being a kitchen manager, I see this kind of crap everyday and its totally enjoyable to watch someone say the things that I wish I could say. The person of course, is Chef Gordon Ramsay.

He's one of Britan's top chefs and he's had a number of shows on the BBC. I have watched a number of his shows and just laughed at his honesty. But the new show here in the US is Hell's Kitchen. It airs Monday's at 9 on FOX. Please check it out. The show is great. Its a total train wreck. They bring people who don't know how to cook, "but really want to learn" into the kitchen and compete to win a restaurant of their own.

My favorite contestant thus far has been Dewberry. A slow dimwhited Atlanta baker (who bakes at the Flying Biscut Cafe in Atlanta - the same one that we visited Trav!). Unfortunatly his sorry ass was let go last week. But the show is still great.

In thinking of other chefs I like. I would like to say Im impressed by Chefs of the like of Thomas Keller of the French Laundry, but I'm more of a fan of chef's like Tony Bourdain, who's two culinary books, "Kitchen Confidential" and "A Cook's Tour" are fuckin' fantastic (and that's from me, a guy who doesn't read). I have assigned "Kitchen Confidential" to many a line cook, especially my female "kitchen bitches". He's just extreme. He's a chain smoker and a guy who totally goes against the grain. As a matter of fact, here's a video clip of one of his culinary adventures! (worth the watch AS SEEN ON THE FOOD NETWORK!)


The internet has been buzzing about this site. I might as well do so too. (FREEKATIE.NET)

Click here to see a really bitchin' water bottle jet pack from Japanese T.V. (Milk and Cookies)

This animation is my new favorite since "End of the World" and I still liked it after I found out it was done by a SCAD student! (check the address's true!)

This dude is all about a McRib.

These are priceless. They have inspired me to make one of my own (coming soon)

Here for your amusement is the Gallery of Unfortunate Star Wars costumes!

A really cool piece of programing. Real quick like.

A music video for Rusty the Narcoleptic dog that I posted about last week.


swirlogirl 11:22 PM  

kitchen nazis are crazy!

steph 9:48 AM  

he looks like a leprechaun! an EVIL leprechaun!

swirlogirl 7:05 PM  

that star wars costume site is hysterical! im just looking now finally

Brian 8:44 PM  

They crack my shit up!

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