Just going through some old photos...

As I was taking a scroll through the iPhoto library on our computer, I came across this pic...

This photo was taken while Mel and I were visiting Trav and Duane. Before going to bed one night, we hear a strange sound coming from the hallway. The sound was moving up the stairs. We grab the camera when we see Bear from "Bear and the Big Blue House" coming to pay us a visit. He was being escorted up the stairs and into our room by Duane. After almost suffocating in side the giant bear shapped sleeping bag, Bears' tracheotomey hole opened and spit our pal Trav.

He was laughing histerically as were we. Oh good times. Good Times.

Just thought I should share.

In other news, dinner at the parental units was a good time. Seeing Wendy was nice. Also on hand for diner was my grandfather (aka hoeboy) and his main squeeze Francis (always a hoot, sometimes a hollar). Also joining in was Brother James and Father John. For those of you smart-asses out there, I am serious. I am not starting to tell a joke.

Its always a good time when "the bro" and "the father" stop by. I think the two of them have got to be on the top of the list of "best things of the catholic chuch". At dinner, the subject of this blog came up (specifically, my parents speaking of my smoker problems) I felt compelled to apologize to the religious figureheads at the dinner table. Specifically for the language (or lack there of) that I use since they may be readers of the site. Im not a SUPER religious guy, in fact, it was probably the closest thing I've come to confession in a while. Mel and I enjoy there company and If I were in the College of Cardinals, I would totaly give Father John or Brother James my vote, which ever one won the steel cage match.


swirlogirl 10:43 AM  

that is hysterical. i can just hear trav laughing now

Trav 12:10 PM  

That is TOO fuckin funny!
Sounds like you had a good (if not stessful) dinner.
Did you confess all your sins?

steph 12:32 PM  

i don't think they had propoganda pics made up, so i'm completely offended that you so easily changed your vote from being with josh to being with these heathens! i about died laughing at the bear in the big blue house!

Brian 12:39 PM  

Oh stop! There are pleanty of votes to go around! I have different aliases that I can use to get multiple votes:

Senior Jorge Felupe
Mr. Snuffalupagous
Casper van Dien

You get the picture. As for dinner Trav, we had a very nice time. Not stressful in one bit. Did I confess sins? I guess apologizing for my language (and I think you may have to now too-tee hee) was as close as I've come to confession in at least a decade. The bottom line is this, any church leaders that you can sit back an "throw back a couple" is alright with me.

swirlogirl 3:38 PM  

oh dear lord, trav must never quit using MUTHAF**KA in that special way that he does. like a blaxploitation film star

Trav 4:25 PM  

Excuse me Sister Norwood.
Please forgive me for intruding, but I am reformed.
Reformed of all my sin. Of all my "language" issues.
You must call me by my full name, Travis Jeremy Bartholomew Matthew James John Falligant.
I have repented.
And so should you.
Gone are my days of the blaxploitation talk and quoting.
I have moved on to a higher level of being.
Please humbly accept the gift I have mailed you of the seed of faith.
Take it out of the envelope I mailed to you and place it in the fertile ground of your poop chute and nurture it. For it, like your faith, shall grow.

Brian 5:43 PM  

Oh fuck no! We will always be using the 4 letter words that the good lord intended us to use. Blaxploitation films are the hallmark of our society and always will.


steph 10:34 AM  

man i hope that seed of faith isn't a watermelon seed cuz once it grows can you imagine trying to get it outta there?!?! fuck that would hurt!

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