One night in the mean streets of "Big City", Rakeman hears a cry for help. As he leaps into action, he sees a woman being attacked by two masked men. Just as our hero is about to save the day, another emerges from the darkness. He is weilding a long stick and begins to take out the violators. With one of the masked men down and the other one running, the mysterious savior helps the woman up and she runs away.

Rakeman climbs down the building to approach the new hero. "Who are you?", he asks.

"Sholem aleykham, I am Hoeboy!", he replies, "and you boytchik, are Rakeman. I have watched and studied you for a long time now.

"I have been looking for a side-kick. Would you like to join me in saving the world?"

"Hak mir nicht in tchainik, of course, why else would I get dressed like this? I'm not a faigelah."

So the duo heads off together to battle the evils that surround us all in hopes of making the world a better place!


Captain Big Wang 7:43 PM  

Holy garden tools Rakeman, that there is a senior superhero.
I love it Brian, Long live Rakeman, and his superhero sidekick.
That is some funny stuff.

Frog girl 7:58 PM  

I am a wandering superhero, can I join your team???
I don't eat much, just an egg or two.

Anonymous 9:08 PM  

Oy, that's a pair that beats a full house. Good luck Rakeman & Hoeboy in your crime fighting quest. You've got chutzpah going after the shlemiels in this meshuggeh world.

swirlogirl 10:53 AM  

HAHAHAHAHAH i sure am glad the supehero business is alive and well

steph 7:56 PM  

so well they're expanding! i want a job! lemme be ho girl! i'll walk streets for money, i don't care if it's wrong or right!

wait, you've already got hoeboy.

can i be the trowel tramp?

Josh 10:10 PM  

can I be "garden claw"(patent pending,,,, available at these fine retailers- Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Kmart, etc) Boy...with my patent pending "garden claw" of justice?????

swirlogirl 10:52 PM  

i want to be the lawn weasel!

Anonymous 1:36 PM  

Oy gavault!!! Myn gault en nimble!! Such vunderful boychinks I've ever seen. Vhat you need is a good boba to make you some jewish matza ball soup and corn beef or pastrami sandwichs, maybe some kugel on the side....vell if you need a jew just ask. from shana punem former yentel.

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