Check out some pictures from our visit to the Flower & Garden Festival @ EPCOT

Click on the new animated photo link to the right and check out my new pictures from the festival we went to last week.


swirlogirl 9:02 AM  

so lovely. i love epcot. from spending all my money in japan to downing guinness with pam brody at the rose & crown. marvelous! tell pam i said hi. and to sing a little edelweiss

steph 10:06 AM  

did you say you got wasted with pam grier? man, she's awesome. i'd consider alternate lifestyles for her, you know what i'm saying? meaning if she wanted me to be homeless, BAM! i'd do it.

p.s. i love the pics, they're awesome. did you know the floors are lower at walt disney world than they are at disneyland?

Brian 3:16 PM  

Maybe next time you're there, we'll be there too and this time, actually get you to stop as you are leaving the park. That was just weird.

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