So the other day, I was flipping through the channels and found the LMN showing the Citizen Kane of Lifetime movies, "The Burning Bed". This movie has it all! It's got the abusive husband that won't let his "dumb wife" go to school. He drinks, beats her, drinks some more and then apologizes. I swear he must have uttered the line, "I'm sorry baby, you know I love you. It won't happen again. Next time it will be different." It must have been easy the great Paul le Mat who played the abusive husband Mickey. He really didn't have many lines to write except "Grrrrrr" and "damn" and the before mentioned line of apology. The best shot of the movie was when the family. sans drunk papa is sitting to the table eating their hungry man dinners when drunk papa enters the room. He had just finished a session of "laying down the law" to Farrah. She is shattered and weak. As she is concentrating on where he is without making eye contact like an animal in the wild, drunk papa's hand holding a can of beer, extends into the shot. The other hand enters and opens the tab and then in the same fluid ballet move, bitch slaps Farrah. He points to the window and the kids take the que to run like hell. He flips the table and the hungry man's go to waste. The beating begins again. Obviously, if you haven't seen this film, the title says how it ends. If you don't know, using your mouse, select the text between the next two marks to see how it ends.

She sets the bed on fire while he's in it!!!! Duh!!!!

After watching this movie, it reminded me of "Extremities" another Farrah vehicle that Trav and I used to watch back in the dorm days. We used to love to watch Farrah get even with her rapist. I remember her locking him in her fireplace and inviting friends to come over and watch her torment him by lighting matches and shit.

Any who, If you haven't seen these two classics, check them out immedietley.


Trav 6:47 PM  

Trav's Extremities Reenactment

swirlogirl 11:15 PM  

TRAVIS!!! LMAO! brian this is positively filthy. one of my all time lifetime faves though is that move about the playboy bunny girl played by one of the hemingway girls and her boyfriend is all jealous and abusive and oh he kills her. but its GRRREAT!

Trav 12:25 PM  

OH SHIT! Star 80!
I have always seen that in the video store and heard the name, but NEVER knew what it was about.....
DAMN! That is some LIFETIME material if there ever was!!!!

steph 10:33 AM  

i love the hidden message, i just puked on myself i was laughing so hard!

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