Aw Crap!

So yesterday, too effin' busy to get to a computer to do a post. I had a whole fathers day thing planned. I was going to make a comment on's list of T.V. Dad Salary's. Oh well. So much for that.

In other news, After checking my e-mail, I find I have an e-mail from - I don't know who this is, but the e-mail subject was "Do you mind? :)))" Usually cryptic subjects have to do with porn, but this one had just two lines in the message:

"I've heard a lot about you

ko ke fee naa"

And that's it. Ko Ke Fee Naa? What the hell is that?

So I reply.

"Do I mind what? - `Ko Ke Fee Naa' to you too. -Brian"

The letter was sent from someone named, Keading H. Farewell. The reply came back returned.

This is where it gets wierd. For those of you interested, is a Children's Book Author. If anyone can find something on the site that explains the KoKe Fee Naa. Let me know.


steph 4:38 PM  

hey brian! i googled it, and this page says it's "okay then, later", like see ya later, in another language:

steph 4:38 PM  

p.s., what do i win?

Trav 5:06 PM  

That's weird.......
It's like Dr. Seuss is getting back at you for the R Kelley post from beyond the grave....
Beware of any green eggs and ham you might consume in the next few days.
I'd be wary.

swirlogirl 8:24 PM  

AHHAHAHAH you guys make me so angry you are so funny!

Brian 11:50 PM  

Steph, you are so crazy! You win my heart. It will be shipped to you in a box marked "LIVE ORGANS: PLEASE RUSH"

steph 10:49 AM  

yay! i win!

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