Once in a long while something comes along that just cries out for it to be recognized. Of course I am speaking about the hord of Star Wars fans lining outside of the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood to see a movie that is not playing there. The posted the phone number to the payphone next to the theater where the line has formed on their website LiningUp.Net. Naturally, this meant that I should call it and conduct an interview to find out what the hub-bub is all about. So without further ado here is...

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And for those of you who doubt me, shame on you. And besides...and ewok would never lie to you.


swirlogirl 12:40 PM  

I ♥ EWOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josh 2:00 PM  

I've been saying it for a long time and this is just another piece of proof, a lot of people out there just need to kill themselves. This guy is 36 years old and standing in line at a theater to see a movie,, yes people a movie... What I dont understand is that I am not waiting in line and will have no problem seeing that movie when it comes out, maybe I wont see it on opening day, but who cares, I have a job and Im not sleeping on the sidewalk. Unless a naked Gina Gershon is gonna be sitting in my lap calling me darling,, Im not waiting in any damn line to see any damn movie... (puting away my soap box)
But very good interview, I am impressed I dont think I could have kept a straight face long enough...

gina gershon 4:35 PM  

darlin' you know i ain't gonna be wastin' my precious time in line in front of a movie theater when there's work to do! it's showtime!

steph 4:36 PM  

i love that you called these guys and talked to them - that was my first instinct when you had the link for the phone number, and then you went and did the work for me!

which leaves my time free for some prank phone calls to said phone number.

steph 10:11 AM  

why do i forget to do all the cool shit that i wanna do? i blank out on frosty weekend, and now this. i was gonna harass the lineup people last night and forgot, and now they're gone already cuz they saw their stoopid movie.

i really should get to seeing episode 2 sometime so i can go see 3 in the theater and know what the hell's goin' on...

Brian 3:18 PM  

What can I say, I live to serve.

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