Was I right?

What a frickin' great night! Three straight hours of edge o' da' seat, I can't effin' believe it-T.V.

Now, did I get anything I wanted from the T.V. god's? Let's check shall we...

On the two hour season finale of LOST...

...something in the damn water. A boat, a sea serpent that the little boy uses his freaky powers to create. (Check.) They found a boat in the water. A boat carrying "The Others" that abducted the boy Walt, shot Sawyer and blew up the raft. So now Jin, Michael and the possibly dead Sawyer are floating in open water 15 miles out to sea for the entire hiatus.

...the hatch opened. (Check) Hurley tried to stop it after seeing the numbers 4-8-15-16-23 on the hatch. Did anyone catch the numbers? 1623 was his room number. The soccer team jerseys were 4,8,15,16,32 in the airport, the numbers on Herleys SUV dashboard. The plane took off from gate 23.

...Locke discover some sort of truth.(not really), He did have a open conversation with Jack which made Jack forshadow next season to Kate, "If we survive the night, we are going to have a Locke problem."

...someone to die, and it better not be an disposable extra. (check, kinda) Arzt was a new survivor that we were introduced to three episodes ago. An anoying science teacher that gave a preachy comment about the dangers of dynamite before exploding while holding one. Cool.

...anything that explains this damn thing in the slightest bit.(No) But that was a long shot.

On Alias...

...Jack to have some kick-ass one-liners like last week. (check) While beging to torture Elena, "After events of the last year I have realized I need to have more fun in life"

...Nadia die. Die. Die. Die. Please. I can't stand her. (Close) She became infected with Rambaldi-Crunk-Juice that made her turn all Dawn of the Dead on everyone. Sloan shot her and Syd kicked he shit out of her. She's unfortunatly stable and they are working on finding a cure. Yawn.

...Vaughn to just give up. He's a tool. (kinda) Mama Derevko told Vaughn he needed to be honest with Sydney. While driving to the beach, he told Syd that we needed to be honest with her. He told her that his name is not Michael Vaughn and as he said that, they got side-smacked by a big SUV. The last shot was the SUV plowing into the side of the car, right through Vaugn's window. Nice. Was this an attempt to silence Vaughn? We'll see.

See ya' Sunday!


swirlogirl 9:40 PM  

are you telling me you didn't see bo get the LOSER ribbon on AI. man. well neither did i! i went to star wars

Miss Maggotus 11:06 PM  

Sawyer doing a backflip after being shot on the boat, was awesome! I love it when actors can showcase their gymnastic skills at pivotal death scenes. Hurley is awesome though! I really think though that I can relate more to the crazy French woman, whose name I can't remember at the moment. We can connect on a deep level, with our frizzy-ass hair, and our love for kidnapping other people's babies. The science teacher dying was great! I'm really going to have to actually start watching the show next season.

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