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Hello there Wonderful Timer's, its been a great week sharing the Red Hat Society with each of you. Brian wanted me to let each of you know that he has ben out fighting crime for the past week and will be back tomorrow for a regularly scheduled post. Again, thank you all for your kind comments while I have been filling in for Brian. Remember to wear your purple!!!!!



steph 3:43 PM  

maxine dear, i have a techie question for you - how do you get that lovely wt up there in the address bar? it's the little touches that make the red hat society a joy to visit with.

also, josh was showing his mom your red hat society photos the other day and she mentioned how she had thought about joining before. and i instantly felt bad about hating the red hat society, because carole would do red hat society type stuff with or without that horrible poem, and she makes martha stewart look like a two bit gutter-whore.

so apparently i don't really hate the red hat society - i just hate old ladies who go out and do stuff just because a poem told them it's okay to. if they're the kind of people that would go out and have a good time anyways, then the red hat society is completely okay. the end.

Maxine 4:58 PM  

Steph, thank you for your kind words. Tell Carole we would love to sponser her in her local chapter. I am glad that my week here on Wonderful Time has changed your views of our organization. As for the question about the little WT, I'll leave that for Brian, he knows more about that technical stuff. Kisses!

Brian 5:49 PM  

Steph, Hey! Just about to take back Wonderful Time and Maxine told me about your question. It really simple. Make a small graphic with the extension .ico at the end. It needs to be supersmall. Then add this code between [HEAD] and [/HEAD]

[link rel="icon" href="ADDRESS OF GRAPHIC" type="image/x-icon"]

[link rel="shortcut icon" href="ADDRESS OF GRAPHIC" type="image/x-icon"]

Replace the [ ] with the greater than/less than thingies...Blogger wont let me type them.

That should do it! Good luck!

steph 6:16 PM  

sweet ass sweet! i'm tinkerin' around with the site more thursday night, i'll see if i can't make it go then! thanks!

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