Starting today through Sunday, stop by a local Wendy's for a free Jr. Frosty. So forget that a woman planted a finger in her chili and tarnished the name of the chain and excersize your cheek muscles! If you are really cheap, make a weekend of it and visit every Wendy's in town!
(Of course, Wendy's is doing this to celebrate Travis' birthday. Have a good one buddy!)


Captain Big Wang 3:29 PM  

What a Day for Trav's B-Day, Friday the freakin 13th, Hope you have a good one too, and remember we are getting fucking OLD!!

Captain Big Wang 4:01 PM  

P.S. ask swirlogirl if I can have some of her cup cakes, I just love cup cakes!!!

Trav 4:28 PM  

Bri and Joe-
Thank you guys for the great bday wishes!
I'm gonna have to go to the drive thru window at Wendy's and get me one o' them burfday frostees.
My luck here, some weave'll be in it.

Trav 4:30 PM  

I have a feeling that you really want Swirlogirl's cupcakes.
Like, REALLY wanting em.
Jen, beware: Joe was arrested for sexually harassing Little Debbie 2 years ago.

Captain Big Wang 6:48 PM  

Yes, yes, I admit it, I grabbed her cupcakes, squeezed them, and then I ate off all the frosting.

steph 7:44 PM  

AHAHAHHHAHAHHAHA happy bday trav! we sent out a card but unfortunately that was just the day before yesterday so it'll be late... bleeeeargggggh... you should rent jack frost in celebration!

swirlogirl 12:39 PM  

WAIIIIT A MINUTE! i go away for five minutes and people start talking about my cupcakes! i'm warning you people i have to be present for any and all sexual harrassment. I have to be ble to give the cops the proper account of course.

happy birthday trav! i hope the dirty bird passed on my wishes and i hope you get all the wendy's frosties your heart desires. sans fingers

Josh 11:35 AM  

I like finger frosties...

Oh yeah, and happy B-day.. I saw Lindsay Lohan at the laundry mat a couple days ago and she signed the card too, she sends her best, and by that I mean her boobies...

steph 10:24 AM  



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