I have certain expectations for this evening. No, I'm not talking about the schlock-fest that is American Idol. I could honestly give two shits. I am talking about LOST and Alias. Three hours of edge of your seat, I can't believe that fuckin' happened TV. Hot damn. I expect to see.....

On LOST...

...something in the damn water. A boat, a sea serpent that the little boy uses his freaky powers to create.
...the hatch opened.
...Locke discover some sort of truth.
...someone to die, and it better not be an disposable extra.
...anything that explains this damn thing in the slightest bit.

On Alias...
...Jack to have some kick-ass one-liners like last week.
...Nadia die. Die. Die. Die. Please. I can't stand her.
...Vaughn to just give up. He's a tool.

That's about it. Not much, but its something.

If none of what I just said makes sense, then you really need to watch these shows, what have you been doing all season?

Oh and big props to Steph, who has contributed to the Melissa's Stolen Bike Fund. Note that the thermometer to the right has risen due to your love. Your autographed photo will be on its way.


steph 9:53 AM  

hot!!! i'm quitting my job so i can sit by the mailbox and wait for it.

when mel autographs it, please have her write something mean on there, as i collect what my sister and i call derogatory autographs. jimmy kimmell and adam corolla told me my hoo hoo smells, jennifer york of channel 5 news and the laker girls told me i suck, doctor demento spelled both our names wrong, the kevin and bean show on kroq told me to go to hell. doesn't matter what she writes, it just has to be mean, like steph you smell like elephant pee. thanks!

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