The Savannah Weekend (in 20 pictures)


Duane, Trav and I are made official members of the Red Hat Society. (more photos to come)


At the college alumni reception Jen (aka swirlogirl) tries some of the bitter chocolate balls.


...which she quickly stores away inside a sculpture.


The group of "bad alumni" congregate on the second floor balcony.


The Hedonist in me shows as I am being fed grapes by Steph.


The sound of breaking glass is heard. We look over the rail to find Fanny on the sidewalk below. (she was okay)


After the "Killer Party" was over, we hit the karaoke scene. It didn't take long for Duane to get a little loose. Nice flower.


I brought the house down with a spoken word version of Maniac (complete with backup dancers). Trav followed up with "Let Me Clear My Throat", Jen did "Hey Ya!" and "Supersonic" and Steph gave a rousing performance of "The Gambler".


At the Sidewalk Arts Festival the next morning, our work began to show.


While managing to avoid interviews, gawkers, surveys, protesters from Hogwarts and pleebians pitching free Wachovia T-Shirts, we got our squares done.


"Cafeteria Angels"


Starring: `Brina: The Pizza Bitch, Linda Love and the late, great Miss Margie.


Steph and Josh enjoy lunch on the grass. (damn I wish I had something funnier for that one.)


Jen and Fanny face off.


Then the sky opened up and dumped gallons and gallons of rain on us.


Mel in a state of shock from the sudden downpour. We were lucky to be alive.


Back at the hotel, We surprise Duane with a little birthday celebration.


Later at BarBar, Jen and Fanny do thier thang.


Jen and Trav in the zone.


We were not the life of the party.


swirlogirl 7:59 PM  

HAHAHAHAHA nice job. i'm just now working on catching up with all these crrrrazy blogs. excellent pics!

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