The Red Hat Society of North Carolina takes over Wonderful Time

I just wanted to give all of you a quick intro to the Red Hat Society. The following is a poem that inspired women just like us around the world. Hopefully by reading this, you will know a little more about us and by the end of it, your brain may be very well washed to follow our cult. Take a peek!

Is that not lovely? You will now follow our ideals and buy our things.

Is that tea cup just the cutest thing? I think so. Well, getting to some new buisness. This weekend our group of utterly fabulous women visited the "Hostess City of the South", Savannah, Georgia. While walking through the city you can hear the song "Georgia on My Mind", it truly spoke to us. We even visited the Mercer house, where that legendary musician lived and wrote such great classics as "Skylark" and "Moon River". We took a ghost tour and had the greatest time scaring people while they crossed the street. Here's a picture on River Street.

River Street, or as the locals call it, River Skreet, is the cutest little thing, they've got artisans making weavings from reeds and even live music from a man with a saxaphone. On the road we met up with three strapping young men. Here is a photo of the three of them.

We ended up taking turns fondling each of these young men and getting their picture taken with our hats on. This first young man is Duane, they said it was his birthday on Monday, so we had to give him the full treatment (if you know what I mean).

The next one was a little wild for our tastes. He said his name was Brian and if you check old Maxine's face, she was holding a little more than his leg if you catch my drift. Remember, what happens in Savannah, stays in Savannah.

Here's Travis, his face was as red as our hats while we did our thing.

After all was said and done with the photos, we almost forget the most important part of being a Red Hat Society member. The secret brim touch greeting. If they were going to be members, they needed to know it. Click here to see me teach Brian the official greeting

Well, that's all for now. Keep the love and remember to wear your purple!


swirlogirl 1:59 PM  

AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. get out! you guys look hot though.

Josh 6:03 PM  

I didn't get to make out with any hot old ladies.. just Steph... Man that sucks..

steph 6:15 PM  

hey man it was no picnic for me, either, believe me...

Josh 6:31 PM  

Oh yeah, well get ready to join the black eye society and maybe the blood in the urine society

Brian 6:56 PM  

Blood in the urine? That sounds interesting. Is it like Fight Club?

Josh 7:35 PM  

very close, but we also host ice cream socials.

Brian 7:54 PM  

First rule of Blood in the Urine...don't talk about Blood in the Urine. Only talk about the new red pan flavor of the month at Cold Stone.

Josh 8:51 PM  

cold stone is the ice cream of satan worshipers and communist, as a god fearing capitalistic american I can have nothing to do with coldstone crapery.

Ben and Jerry 9:19 PM  

That's right!
Down with Coldstone.
Those jiggas worship satan and shit.
Go with Ben and Jerrys!
I mean, who hates cows?
People worship cows in some countries.
Just check out our BADASS cowprints!
(and PHISHFOOD is the shiznit peepz!)



steph 12:36 AM  

oh man, i like cake. who has cake?

steph 10:17 AM  

okay trav and i were marvelling last night about how you find time to constantly change the layout of your blog. it makes me want to cut myself because i haven't even finished the one website i've got!

Trav 11:56 AM  

Im telling looks amazing.
That mofo makes me sick.
This could be like their homepage and shit.
Those old woman would moisten their depends.

Josh 5:11 PM  

Ewwwwwwwwwww Grrosssssssssss,, but oddly... Wait nevermind I'm not turned on,, it's just gross

steph 5:34 PM  

ahahahhhhahhahahah ASS!

Josh 5:44 PM  

maybe if you pulled the red hat over their face,, Noooo, still gross

steph 9:51 AM  

what if you pulled the red hat over their face and then put them in pointy elf shoes? i think that's headed back to hotsville, myself.

swirlogirl 6:54 PM  

damn i love pointy elf shoes

Josh 6:09 PM  

I like other pointy things

Brian 6:35 PM  

Pointy things like what?

steph 10:27 AM  

he's either talking about pepperoncinis or weenises.

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