It's gettin hot in herrrrrr

I think today has been the first real hot day since we moved here. I mean its not rocket-hot as Savannah. It's definetly Africa-hot, but not quite officially "Hot as Balls". While walking to my car today I thought of an episode of Futurama where there is a global heat wave due to the ozone damage done in the 20th century. In the episode, there is a rather funny clip of Morbo the "news alien" and his co-anchor talking about the heat wave. I decided it was rather fitting to post it here for your viewing pleasure. I always crack up when I see it. I hope you do to. Please pardon the pops in the audio, it was my first time ripping footage off of a DVD. It was quite an adventure. WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!!!! Enjoy!

Oh, and this just in... after what seemed like half a million years. My ma' has joined the club of college graduates. Please do me a favor and send her some prop's. Doesn't matter if you know her or not. Just do it lemmings.


swirlogirl 11:23 AM  

awww that is so cute with yoru mom. is she goign to a kegger to celebrate?

Brian 12:28 PM  

No, no keggers. But she did go out for a rockin' good time with this cat.

Captain Big Wang 5:13 PM  

Brian, you got what you said would be pure gold, check my blog.

swirlogirl 6:18 PM  

dude that guy probably hogged the keg all night!

Trav 8:13 PM  

Waitaminute, is that your grandad or Oswald Kobblepot)aka The Penguin)?
I'm switching on the bat signal if it is...

Josh 9:31 PM  

Switch it on quick!!!!!

Brian 12:03 AM  

Yes, it actually is my grandfather so no need for the bat signal and I'm not sure if he was on the keg or not. He's hard to understand when he's not drinking so there is really not sure fire way to tell.

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