It was only a year ago when I said Welcome!

Well Wonderful Timers it has been a whole glorious year. As I type this newest post for the anniversary, I am living in Orlando, something that I would not have even thought could happen a year ago, Im typing on my new I-MAC G5, FrankenMAC is a thing of the past. And to top that all off, I am listening to a new Duran Duran album. You can't beat that. By the way, don't tell anyone, but here's the best track on the album, I totally dig this song. It's like old skool Duran Duran. I don't normally upload tracks, but its my anniversary so here's a gift for all of you (download, listen, groove).

It has been a crazy year, we've laughed and cried and even shared a little. So today on the one year anniversary, I want to take a moment to break it down. Oh yes, its...


In the past year, I have made 156 posts in which I have typed 34,834 words. 150,567 characters if you don't count spaces. 185,678 if you do. I have written 1,676 paragraphs and 5,174 lines. If the site was turned in to a standard sized book, at a 12 point font, the book would be 144 pages long. (Spelling and gramatical errors included dad).

I always though I had a bit of a potty mouth when posting. So while we are on the subject of numbers, I have had said "ass" 103 times this year, "Shit" 33 times, "Fuck" 22 times and bitch, a surprising, 0. Another dirty word "Chipolte" was used twice.

I have mentioned my wife Mel 122 times, my friend Trav 51 times and Stacy 23 times. And in a strange conincidence, I have mentioned my "parents" 14 times, the same amount of times I have used the word "corn" in a post.

With the vastness of the interweb, I have become very surprised to see how many international readers visit the site, at first it was just a couple european counties and at the time of this post, "Having A Wonderful Time" is read by over 15 countires around the world. Here's a list:

For those of you who flunked geography in school, The countries that visit this site are: (from left to right, top row first) Japan, United States of America, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Germany, France and Portugal. - There is also reading going on in our U.S. Military Bases overseas, but I don't have the exact information as to where.

Well, that's it for a year in review. I hope it was everything you hoped for and more. I hope that you have had as much fun reading and I have writing. Get ready for year two! With even more zany adventures!, more visits from Rakeman!, more guest writers!, even more lazy days links!, bigger holiday celebrations!, Evil twins and killer robots!!!!! It's gonna be awesome!

Stay tuned!


Trav 1:45 PM  

FAN-fucking (#23)-TASTIC!
Great job with the site logo bar at the top and great post!
You outdid yourself for your 1 year anniversary!
I have to say though, that, you are a little OCD to know how many letters, words, etc you have typed.
How many links to hilariously random video or lost 80's icon pics would you say?
GREAT JOB, BSIKOR, keep up the GRRREAT work for yearssss to come!
I know Rachel, Joe and I thank you for starting up Wonderful Time. That's how our asses (# I dunno)got started.

steph 2:27 PM  

i think all of us should trade blogs and be guest writers sometime over the next year. i could increase the swearing on your site tenfuckingfold!

Miss Maggotus 4:23 PM  

Good lord, it's your 1 year Anniversary! As Travis said, I thank you for starting your wonderful blog.. it's not only made me laugh, it's inspired me to share my filthiness with the world. I'm saddened that the great people of Norway don't appreciate your work, Brian.. But.. you know how it goes in Norvay..

Brian 7:06 PM  

OCD? I just took all the posts into Word and did a search. OCD. Is this how I am appreciated.

Steph-thats a funny idea. We should try that out.

Rachel- Norway is just a matter of time. If the Netherlands are on to me, Norway is soon to follow.

swirlogirl 11:41 PM  

i think you could use some africans reading wonderful time

swirlogirl 10:35 AM  

and will i get busted by the riaa for this song?

Brian 11:18 AM  

If you are busted by the RIAA, I'll take the fall for this one song and one song only. You can take the fall for the John Denver classics. Besides, if they were to bust you for the song, just tell them..."Hello, It's Duran-funkin'-Duran." They'll get the point.... and they'll let you slide. Because the song rocks. Can you say 80's skate party?

Captain Big Wang 3:40 PM  

Damn, Shittin Ass, Motherfucking marvelous!!!!
Was that enough cuss words for you steph?
Happy 1 year anniversary Brian, looking forward to another year of posting, and pictures.
I am totally greatful for your getting me started on the blog thing, now I can share my vast intellect with the world.

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