From the vault

Here is something for all you people out there... I was recently going through some old files and came across a video I made way back when.

Remember about 5 years ago, Apple came out with a commercial for the new iMac that feature the song "She comes in colors" by the Rolling Stones? If not, here's the commercial.

One night, Mel was experiementing online with changing her hair color. She made a fake Apple add with her hair in funky iMac inspired colors with the tagline "Think Differently". We all had a good laugh and I got to work on a little something I call iMel: Think Differently". Take in mind this is a little retro, I did about five years ago. I think it still plays well. Enjoy!

Okay, okay. I recently checked Blog Hot or Not and checked my score. I dropped 1.1% to 8.8% I have a growing number of 1's and 4's. I'm getting a bit upset by this. This blog is freakin' hot and it deserves to be recognized. So get your asses to Blog Hot or Not and rate my shit. As Paris Hilton would say, "That's Hot!"


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