Today in Savannah...

Check the title link above. I'll fill everyone in tomorrow with photos from our weekend here in Savannah. You'll shreek in horror to my induction to the "Red Hat Society", marvel as we take part in the ancient art of Karaoke and feel like a college alumni wanting to get out a conversation about censorship and join our group on the roof of the Casey House with photos of our Alumni reception.

Talk to you tomorrow.


steph 10:48 AM  

man, i'm so mad!!! and i'm gonna say the same exact thing on jenn's blog!!! judging from the state of almost finshedness of your cafeteria ladies, had josh and i not been off buying wet-butt-wipes we maybe woulda been on the scad site too!!! garrrrrrrh!!!!!!

what a damn good weekend. i can't work this morning. i want to move to savannah and have fun crazy times all the damn time. the end!

swirlogirl 8:02 PM  

we were all so thankful to you and the buttwipes trip though!

Brian 8:46 PM  

I agree. If you had not gotten those buttwipes, then we would have been covered in chalk all day! You and Josh are our heros!

bette midler 10:44 AM  

yeah steph, i been meaning to ask you... did you ever know you're my hero?

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