I am feeling exceptionally lazy today and that means

It's time for links!!!!!

Here are some of the juicy nuggets that I have picked up along my travels on the interweb:

Old skool Nintendo classics performed by an a cappella group out of University of Wisconsin - Madison. Damn funny!

622 Music Video's - From A Perfect Circle to Yeah, Yeah

Who should be the next pope? Try the Pope-U-Lator

A Venture Brothers Episode speaks of the importance of Scrotal Safety

The New YetiSports is out!- Have fun melting your brain...its pretty tough

Mission: Space Race Online - an older game-not very tough, multiplayer game that connects you to EPCOT in Orlando and others around the globe. - addicting.

Teenage Mum - A pretty effective PSA from Belgum.

Need a pub on the fly - It's inflatable! - Too bad my parents aren't doing the carnival next year, this would be a hit for the beergarten.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Online book. - Nice movie tie-in.

And there is also the Hitchhiker's game - very challenging

That's all I think your minds can handle for today. See you Thursday!


swirlogirl 9:50 PM  

man i love the hitchhiker's guide. i used to play it on our apple IIe. good times!

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