Orlando is definitely not Savannah.

After living in Savannah for the last ten years, I knew where to find things. I knew if I wanted a great inexpensive burger there was B&D Burgers. Great Japanese food, Heiwa's. Pizza? Vinnie Van GoGo'sChinese?, Chao's on Oglethorpe. Tea?, Savannah Tea Room. Cheap beer/Great Happy Hour?, Uh where do I start? Tubby's, Oyster Bar, Driftaway, BarBar. etc,.. Mexican?, the Juarez Mexican buffet for lunch. Great mechanic? Mike Tucker of Tucker & Sons on Montgomery. Late night shopping/entertainment?, The Kroger on the Islands in Ms. Irma's checkout lane.

Last week while on vacation, Mel and I went for some dinner and on the way home thought it would be nice to run into a coffeehouse, plop down on a couch, grab a cup and chill. In Savannah, you couldn't throw a stone without hitting one of these places. Top notches in our books went to The Gallery Espresso on Liberty and Cafe Mucha on Broughton. Both are relaxing places to unwind and relax in a non-antiseptic corporate environment. In O-Town, home of the mouse, it is rare to find something that is not antiseptic corporate. There are more chains in this area than in any other area of the nation. We have a virtual buffet of dining choices, but what we don't have is low-key cozy hole in the walls. At least not that we have been able to find as yet. After driving around some of the areas that we thought would house such an establishment, we found nothing. We tucked tail between our legs and went home. What's wrong with this world? Now granted, Savannah was listed in the top five places to start your own small business. I could imagine Orlando being quite tough. We stopped by a tea place in College Park the other day. It was nice. Not great, not crappy, it was fine. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE it here. A few small trade-offs but I am sure that after a few years we will find the things we are looking for (if not build one ourselves).

In the meantime, how's your community stack up? Take the Delocator out for a spin.


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