My vote (like I have one)

The Space Pope!

In other news, Twisted Yarn is getting very twisted, if you did not follow my link yesterday, what the hell is your problem? There's some funny ass people "putting it out there" for you damn amusment and you didn't even look. I feel like I don't even know you anymore. Come on.

In other news, major props to Ms. Steph Lehman who has one of her shirt designs on sale at wet seal. Go buy 12 of them now.


swirlogirl 12:22 AM  

hahahah i love that space pope! the race for pope is getting very hot. i also caved and bought one of those shirts!

Trav 9:46 AM  

TOO Damn funny BSikor!
LOVE that logo!
Get da wuurd out about Twisted Yarn, yo!
You go boy!

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