The Man Loves his Corn

Gotta say, this email from my father titled, "Sweet Corn Alert" tickled me this morning...

Brian & Mel

Publix supermarkets have Florida sweet corn on sale this week 10 for $1.99. We got some and it is really sweet.
Check it out if your into sweet corn. 1st of the season. Sale ends Tuesday.


As a matter of fact, I do dig some sweet corn. And I figured some of you like it too, so I pass on to you the word from my "corn-pimp". Get ya' asses to Publix for some sweet corn and then parade over to the bakery and try to get a free cookie.

I just spoke to my parents they were in the car on their way to get more corn.
Dad, if you're out there...please drop a comment and let us know how it was... the world is waiting.


swirlogirl 7:35 PM  

HAHAHAHAH! i seem to recall steph and I yelling the virtues of sweet corm when we lived in wisconsin. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORN!!!

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