In keeping with the theme...

After (or before) hearing the audio post below praising the apartment complex's mucis choices, check out this video. It's of Japenese school girls watching Ringu (the Japenese version of The Ring).
Be sure to wait till the end!
Taken from Milk and Cookies

...and on an unrelated note...

This picture just makes me laugh. I cannot take credit for it. The great takes the honor.


Trav 8:59 PM  

That shit is HEELarious!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED that Ringu video! LOL!!!!!
I would be acting just like the one in the pigtails! LOL!

Trav 9:00 PM  


swirlogirl 1:26 PM  

AHHHAHAHAHAH i LOVE that video. that is the best. they got punku'd

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