Guess what I saw today...

Just as the local church bells were ringing to announce the naming of a new pope - Benny the 16th, I saw this outside the Holy Land Experience here in Orlando...

Damn I love this town. And I thought Savannah was Fuckin' Crazy.


swirlogirl 10:52 PM  

hahahah holy land is fanny's favorite place. crazy holy rollers!

Brian 11:00 PM  

Mels' sister Rachel wanted to stop there for a gift. They had to charge her $29 for a ticket, but refund it if she came out in less than an hour. I handed her my camera and told her to have a good time. She said she saw most everthing within the 45 minutes she was in there. Of course she skipped the movies and shows... too preachy.

Trav 8:46 PM  

Mel Gibson would be so proud! (gush)

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