Ending it all...Rachel style.

Had a great week. Really enjoyed seeing Rachel (Trav's sister and Wonderful Time reader) again. Its been ages. On Friday, Mel and I, as well as Stacy, Trav and Rachel took in the Disney parks. Rachel told us of how she felt bad for people doing menial jobs and how she imagined them wanting to "end it all" in the back away from the customers... and sometimes in front of them as this simple artist rendering shows.

Now excuse me... I've got to go to the back closet and get some butter for the popcorn. Ch-Chick. Blam!


Rachel :] 10:05 PM  

Poor, poor, little Rosie. Subjecting these innocent children to such violence. Gosh, I feel bad Brian.. I was sitting there laughing at this woman's misery, and was not aware of what was happening in the restaurant just a few blocks away. I think you know what restaurant I'm talking about, and what waiter in particular. Good old Uncle Patrick.. couldn't get those veggies to be eaten.. Instead, he ended up eating the barrel of his mother's shotgun. Tsk, tsk..

Brian 5:34 AM  

Look at chya... Laughing at this poor woman in the last moments of her life. Speaking of eating green beans... It looks like he got some people to eat them.

swirlogirl 9:34 AM  

HAHAHAHA why god why! you all are terrible. and tit twing twang is so grown up!

swirlogirl 10:07 AM  

ok i finally just now realized that poor woman was reminding me of mimi from drew carey. click click bam indeed!

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