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So, Mel's birthday was Friday. We did the beach and I made dinner. Awwww. Saturday, I was abandoned so that her and her sister can go shopping. That night we met up with lola and richard who were in from out of town and had a very nice dinner. Yesterday, I worked. It was a long hard day and that is why I didn't post. Forgive. Today, Mel and her sister again have ditched me for shopping. I plan on spending the day working on some "personal development" that I got from a workshop I attended a few weeks ago.

I felt kinda bad, I hadn't really gotten anything for Mel for her birthday. She says save the money for our Savannah trip and for when her sister is here. Being the fantastic husband I am, I listen. I wanted to get her something...I couldn't just get nothing. So at the local foodmart I picked up a card...

Rachel F., stare at this one.
I looked high and low for something that said "Melissa" and then... there it was. I wondered, "How much is it?, Is it for sale?" Luckily, it had a price tag. I proceeded to take my newly chosen gift to the register and purchased it. I received stares from jealous shoppers. There was only one... and it was mine. I brought it home, told Mel to close her eyes as I placed it on the table. "Okay, open em'", I said.

Happy Birthday!


Trav 12:53 PM  

LOVE the balloon!
What a sweet hubby! That card was straight-up ghetto but VERY SWEET!
I like ghetto cards like that, get em' from D's fave store, Dollar General.
The balloon rocks! How did you score that one?
By the way, I had to tell you that counter on here is awesome...just noticed that shit yesterday.....
Hope all is well with you guys and you're enjoying Rachel.
Tell Mel her gift from D and me is in the process of getting to her. It's gonna take a while though.
You best get me one o' those balloons for my birthday, by the way.
(Oh yeah, remember the Rodney Dangerfield button you scored for me at the ghetto Victory Cinemas in Savannah? I think we were going to see Space Jam or some shit like that!
I love that button!

steph 1:31 PM  

bahahhahahah man i want a balloon! and a pony.

swirlogirl 4:39 PM  

i expected somethign scary to jump out as i stared at the bunny.

Brian 4:44 PM  

Sorry Trav and Steph, they only had one balloon. I'll ask the balloon boy and see if they are going to get more for me. If they can... I'll see you all in Savannah and there may be balloons for everyone!

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