Back to my old ways...

I have made it a practice to not discuss work on my blog. I know some of you loyal readers are crying foul right now so let me rephrase that... I have recently made it a practice to not discuss work, but I have to make an exception today. Today was simply...




The restaurant was having the parking lot repaved and the back door was going to be inaccessable to deliveries. As a result, all early morning deliveries were being routed through the front of the restaurant. One vendor decided to walk through the asphalt and into my kitchen leaving a trail of footprints and tire tread from his hand truck in his path. As I opened the door to ask him what he was thinking, he took off like a shot. My bread vendor came in, saw the construction and refused to deliver sighting there was "no way possible". After calling his boss, he found a way. The hot water heater crapped out. I later fround that somehow, the drain hose from the water softener that should have been in the drain, found its way under the water heater, melted, caused a blockage in the water softener that caused a blockage to the water heater. How this happened, I am still at a loss. I then get a call from the corporate office telling me that there is trouble with the restaurants' financial information and I need to have an answer by five. As I sit down to work out the problem, the flippin' power goes out. It stays that way for 45 minutes. After the power comes back up, my relief manager calls and says she's got a flat tire. I call the office and tell them of the issues and inform them they will have an answer in the morning. After being blessed for my patience, they said "okay". I drive home and sit in traffic. I come home to a smiling face, and that makes it a whole lot better.

Okay, I promise, not more talk about work.


swirlogirl 9:16 PM  

quelle nightmare!

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