Don't ask me why but every time I pick up the Sunday funnies I read the unfunny Family Circus. This last Sunday, I came across this little jem.

What the hell is her deal? I mean really? Why drag the damn kid along just to shoot him down. There's words for people like you. Screwing with childrens' wants and needs? That's just plain evil. To see Jeffy standing there and attempting to be polite in the face of the anti-christ and then watching her turn and walk off with a total disregard leaving Jeffy standing there, looking up at her as she walks off. Damn. That's fucked up! Give the kid a fuckin' cookie! It's just one damn cookie! You could at least break the fucking thing in half! If I was Jeffy, I would tell her to watch my dotted lines as I walked out the back yard, pick up a two-by-four and despence a little Jeffy Justice on her ass. That'll teach her to disrespect the little rugrat.

That reminds me, Superman is a dick too.


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