Wait a minute...

I don't want to be the one who comes out and says it... but... as memory serves me right, Mr. Players Club Telly Savalas was Kojak. Now Ving Rhames is taking over? Wait a tick. Somethin' aint quite right. This is a remake right? He's got the lollipop, he's a detective. Okay. I think they've got it wrong when they say "Kojak's Back". I think they meant to say, "Kojak's Black". Oh now don't you get all P.C. on me. I'm not trying to offend. I mean look...

He looks nothing like Ving Rhames. If it means anything the TV Time only gave it 2 stars. Oh well. I could insert a witty Kojak phrase/quip here, but I can't think of one for the life of me. I could do a Google search for one, but I would rather take the time to contemplate if Ted Turner or George Lucas got a hold of the old episodes and colorized them to be uniform with the new Kojak.

Nice. "Prime Time Baby!"


swirlogirl 10:48 AM  

who loves ya baby! a tanned, rested, and ready telly savalas by the looks of this colorized masterpiece. maybe george lucas could insert a digital telly in the new episodes for a wacky cameo appearance that would be a nod to us old schoolers

Anonymous 8:41 PM  

I think he resembles Telly in a few ways... was the Black Kojak also of Greek heritage? Yes, there are some African/Black Greeks in Greece, one young Black lady holds some political office on the island of Crete, and some other black guy is of Nigerian descent and is a star on the greek national basketball team.

who loves ya baby!

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