Such a deal

I am not a woman, but the ad makes me want to run out an buy each of these in triplicate. It's not everyday that you see MuuMuu's sundresses in such alluring patterns. I mean, look at it... Denim Aztec. Nice. Then there's Coral Floral, a pattern that is as fun to say that is to look at. The i am not entirely sure about the claim made in this ad. "The Coolest?" I hope they are talking about temperature cool because I am sure as hell sure they are not talking about sundresses being trendy. Then again, sundresses in gang colors or even patterned with gang signs must help bridge the world of sundresses into main stream pret-a-porter. Did you notice the sizes? I am impressed that the 4x size isn't different price. They probably have to use a whole bolt of fabric to make it. Let's just face it...Sundresses are not really the pillar of style. You don't see Naomi Campbell walking down the runway wearing one.

...or do you?


swirlogirl 6:25 PM  

hahah that is hot!

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