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Today on Having a Wonderful Time, a post of such great importance, a ground breaking post that begs to ask the question, "Just who the hell are you?". Be prepared to gasp in amazement at mirror images of... yourself (sort of). It's the...


Let's start with me. It looks like I am a professional ball player, which is funny for any of you that know me. This chump has been playing ball for a few years. He played for the Astros and now is in Okinawa playing in Japan.

Now let's take a look at common visitors to Wonderful Time...

My wife Melissa? Yes, this reading specialist from the Montgomery County Public School system parades around town with my wife's name. She no doubt uses her position to befoul the minds of young readers. Psycho! My wife digs books too. Weird.

Stacy Goldman, of Franklin Cody High School of Detroit, is much like the Stacy from our universe. All around academian and award winning cheerleader.

Jennifer Norwood. In an erie twist of fate, she is studying at the College of Agriculture and Life at Texas A&M University. Agriculture... something that Jen is always talking about. She is often talking your ear off about her flower and vegetable garden. I hear she has a good crop of squash this year.

Travis Falligant is apparently a werewolf. (Actually its a piece he submitted to a contest and won as runner-up.) I had always suspected he had a dark and mysterious side to him. That might explain the strange howls I heard in the middle of the night when we were roommates.

So what have we learned boys and girls? Identity theft is a very real thing. People are out there every where you look. Don't believe me? Google yourself or better yet, Goggle Image yourself. It will open your mind to a world unimaginable... mind-blowing... unexplainable mediocrity.


swirlogirl 1:38 PM  

oh you really ought to have posted my apple beauty queen coronation photo

swirlogirl 1:40 PM  

dammit!! her name used to be jennifer norwood. whoops! there goes my fortune

Brian 2:06 PM  

I saw that! Too bad her name was Underwood. I was going to Photoshop the name and change it to fit... but that would go against the whole honesty thing. I mean would you really believe anything I said after doing something like that? I thought so. I just went with our homely little book worm. It's kindda funny if you actually click on the picture on the actual site, its gi-normous! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

swirlogirl 3:06 PM  

yeah it totally sucks cuz it was the funniest thing ever at my last job. steph and i started the office wide googling yourself trend and we would hang up the pictures of our other selves outside our cubes. and at the time that apple bitch's name was norwood hahaha

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