This show honestly and truly reinstates my belief that somewhere in the world there is a dart-board that pitchmen throw darts at to come up with new T.V. shows.


The dart lands on the word "BLIND"


The dart lands on the word "DETECTIVE"

Hmmm. Blind Detective.

As he throws his hands in the air connecting his fingers and thumbs to simulate the view of a television camera, he begins to work out his new gold nugget.

A man, blinded by love.
Blinded by a freak toxic spill

Blinded when his partner wasn't there to help. GOLD!
Rising to face the challenge.
Leaping Climbing to the peaks of injustice.
Glaring Feeling his way through adversity. He's out to prove everyone wrong, and teach them a little something along the way.

This is utterly absurd. This is total schlock. This was on this past Tuesday. This is...

I just can't believe it.

I'll give it 10 weeks.


swirlogirl 1:15 PM  

hahaha i know how lame. i love how they have his blind man sunglasses super dark and emphasized so we don't forget he is the blind one

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