Oh and Happy Saint Patricks Day. I almost didn't realize it since we don't live in Savannah anymore. For those of you reading and do not realize that Savannah is known for St. Pat's day, the city ordinance allows alcholic beverages of a specific size to be taken without anywhere. The park, the sidewalk, your car, etc. Its a bitchin' thing.

Today is also Annie O'Tools' birthday. We bought her a year ago today. It's been a whole year with our Hundai Elantra and its kinda odd to say that I don't miss Francine at all.

Anywho, today is "Paint the Office" day in the Sikorski household. We started with painting the room shade called "Delta Sandbar" Here's a shot of the painting of the room (in progress).

The final product will involve a circle pattern. Check back later for more up to date photos of this exciting project!


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