I managed to sell 8 of my 11 lots on Ebay! Unfortunatly, people didn't seem to bite on my Nightmare on Elm Street "Fan Set", nor did they want the Austin Powers, Go/Rushmore and An American in Paris/Sabrina set. Now all I have to do is figure out this friggin Pay Pal bullspit. Its so godamned confuuuuusing. Well, I'm off to buy the boxes so I can ship out the packages that people bought. Yes, they bought my shit. They love me, they really love me.

Thanks to Steven for his 3am (12am in L.A.) drunken wake up call this morning. Good times. Glad to hear that you were enjoying all four varieties of the Johnny Walker variety set. I've never had the gold, how was it, do you remember? Drop a comment and fill us in on your experience.


Anonymous 11:46 PM  

I called you?................Oh yaaaaahhhhh. Thank god for clear thinking. It was 3 a.m when I called you. Crap what was I thinking. I apologize. But we didn't crack open the gold label but we did polish off the blue label. I had to see what a $200 bottle of scotch tastes like. But on another note. Youshould be honored that you were the only person that I drunk called. I'm amazing.

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