Wonderful Time v2.0

Hello there Wonderful Timers!!!

I figured instead of doing a typical post today I would shed a llittle light on the origins of the name of this site and give it a new look. I came up with the name of the sight after watching an episode of Futurama. In the episode, Dr. Zoidburg (the strange lobster-like creature) uses his claws to save his friends. Afterward he exclaims, "Horray! I'm useful! I'm Having a Wonderful Time!!!" It was just a silly comment that I thought would best sum up my blog. Looking at the bright side of any situation. So, for those of you with your speakers on, that explains the statement when you load my page.

The new title bar is a collection of pictures that I took on a recent trip to a carnival that my parents were coordinating. They are displayed randomly, so click those reload buttons to see the collection (and hear Zoidburg), or just visit often.


swirlogirl 11:09 PM  

oh i like this. those are nice pics

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