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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there Wonderful-timers!

Not much really going on here in Mickey World. Had a visit this weekend with Trav and Daune as they were enjoying a quick layover before hitting the open seas aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. All I can think is that Trav is going out to sea. Trav is going out to sea the day of the Oscars. I hope that they both have better luck than Sandra B. did in Speed II: Cruise Control, or better than Ernie Borgnine in the Poseidon Adventure.

They mentioned that there room was on one of the lower-lower decks. I'm talking sub-steerage. Past the engine room. Practically where they keep the luggage. I told him that he probably wouldn't be spending too much time in his room and not to sweat the amenities. Besides, in steerage, don't they have some kickin' parties. I remember in the movies, the immigrants bring livestock and hay, its a regular hoot'n'annie!

While discussing the particulars of the cruising experience, we discussed the obligatory evacuation drill. I told him to run the decks calling for Jack. Then again, it's probably been done. It's probably been done...a lot.

Oh well.

Safe journeys!


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